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The most obvious benefit that ZipBooks brings to the table is that it is a free accounting software

ZipBooks is a cloud-based accounting software which offers core accounting, financial reporting, online invoicing, expense tracking, credit card processing, and more. The platform aims to meet the accounting and bookkeeping needs of small and medium-sized businesses and bookkeeping firms. Designed to simplify accounting, ZipBooks provides users with a single transactions interface, intuitive reporting, and automatic categorization of transactions.

US and Canadian bank accounts can be linked to the software, enabling the automatic import of transactions and reducing both users’ workload and the potential for error. A default chart of accounts is generated automatically, and users can create additional custom accounts to suit their business. Project accounting tools allow users to tag payments, expenses, and other transactions with the related project name, and automatically import tracked time to designated project invoices.

ZipBooks’s billing and invoicing systems allows users to create personalized emails and invoices with custom themes, logos and messages. Billable expenses can be marked for automatic addition to customer invoices, and time can be tracked for multiple team members. Payments can be processed directly from customer invoices through ZipBooks’s integrated credit card processing, or through PayPal. Users can also create estimates and convert these into invoices once approved by customers. ZipBooks is compatible with multiple currencies, supports recurring billing, and can automatically remind customers that payments are due.


  • Smarter – $15/month
  • Sophisticated – $35/month
  • Services – starts at $125/month


  • Online invoicing
  • Time tracking
  • Recurring billing
  • Team management
  • Online accounting software
  • Invoice maker