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Top 5 Lead Forensics Tools

1. Leady

Leady is a lead generation and business intelligence platform that is designed to identify corporate visitors, representatives, and individuals of authority who have visited your website and turn them into business leads. The software automatically creates a profile per visitor and then it gathers, organizes, and updates all information with minimal human intervention.

Pricing: Small – $39/month, Medium – $69/month, Large – $149/month


  • Lead Generation for B2B
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Email Marketing Tracking
  • Web forms
  • Event Tracking
  • Google Analytics Plugin
  • ROI
  • API & Plugins

2. Visual Visitor

VisualVisitor is a service that turns anonymous website visitors into qualified sales leads.

Pricing: $59/month


  • Lead Identification
  • Lead Routing
  • Multiple Client Accounts
  • Multiple Location Accounts
  • Prospect Notifications
  • Form Capture
  • Analytics
  • Email Tracking

3. Snitcher

Snitcher is a cloud-based visitor tracking solution that integrates with Google Analytics to identify business website visitors and track their behavior on the site. Snitcher is also able to provide data on the source of the lead, activity within the site, devices used, and more. It is a user-friendly tool for account-based marketing which helps gather new leads to the business site and manage these leads within the platform.

Pricing: Basic $24/month, Sales $44/month, Marketing $44/month, Complete $54/month


  • Activity tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Customer journey tracking
  • Filtered views
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Lead assignment
  • Lead capture
  • Lead management
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead segmentation
  • Prospecting tools
  • Real time updates
  • Reports & analytics
  • Source tracking
  • Third party integrations
  • Visitor segmentation
  • Visitor tracking

4. Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is an advanced B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details and user data of the businesses that visit your website. Gone are the days of cold calling and guessing, we feed your sales team hot leads that have already shown an interest in your products and/or services. With 98% of website visitors disappearing from your website without a trace, isn’t it time you found out who they were?

Pricing: On Request


  • Unlimited Users
  • User-First Design
  • Company Contact Information
  • Website Visit Information
  • Company Social Media Accounts
  • Lead Queues
  • Company Search
  • Lead Hiding
  • Lead Exporting
  • Lead Emailing
  • Lead Archiving
  • Account Filters
  • Auto Assignment of Leads
  • Email Notifications

5. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a cloud-based tool which identifies website visitors from Google Analytics data, and generates sales leads from visitors. The system is suitable for B2B businesses of all sizes, and is priced based on the number of unique companies visiting the website.

Pricing: $59.00/month


  • Lead generation
  • Automatic reporting
  • CRM integration
  • Email marketing integration
  • Customizable lead filtering
  • Automatic lead scoring
  • Email notifications
  • Visitor identification
  • Browsing behavior tracking

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