is a cloud storage platform built and designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Described as a fast and secure file syncing and sharing tool, aids businesses and teams to store, share, and access their files and folders from anywhere.

The platform is regarded as an alternative or a replacement to Dropbox, and it is known for its capability to ensure data privacy. Moreover, it can synchronize files across computers and mobile devices. functions as a collaboration platform, enabling users to share files with their clients and co-workers. It aims to increase the productivity of team members as they work on their projects, as office-based employees or remote workers.

Through its file audit logs, users can view the individuals who accessed a particular file., furthermore, has the capability to backup files and restore deleted files. The file sharing functionality of is one of its interesting features. With this, users will be able to send their files even to those who don’t have a Sync account.

By creating a link that they can share, others will be able view and download files. This functionality is recommended for sharing large files or video files. In addition has file sharing options, which are very effective when users collaborate and work on their files. Users can set permissions for those persons whom they share files with. Hence, some persons can view files but won’t be able to edit them, and others can download files from a folder but are not allowed to contribute or upload files to that folder.


  • Business Solo $10 per month
  • Business Pro $5 per month
  • Business Pro Advanced $15 per month


  • File Sharing
  • Create Share Link
  • Collaboration
  • Set Permissions
  • Privacy and Security
  • Zero-Knowledge Storage
  • Files Encrypted in Transit and at Rest
  • Selective Sync
  • File Audit Logs
  • Remote Wipe
  • Remote Logout