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Smarter schedules for organizing employees, tracking time-off and forecasting labor costs.

Findmyshift is an online employee scheduling solution which enables organizations to manage their workforce with time-clocking, timesheets, shift reminders, real-time reporting, payroll calculations, time-off management, text messaging, and more. Timesheets and time clocking technology helps users track the hours their employees are actually working. Automated reports help users manage payroll and cost reporting.Vacation management tools allow users to track employee vacations on their schedule to immediately see when employees are unavailable and calculate their remaining allowances. Users can generate accurate payroll data by combining employee timesheets, schedules, pay rates and overtime rates. Messages and notifications can be sent to employees via email, text message or push notification. Pending manager approval, employees can log in to request shifts, cancel shifts and swap shifts with their colleagues.

Pricing: Business: €25 per team, per month, Volunteer: €18.75 per team, per month


  • Employees shift swaps
  • Salary day rates hourly rates and overtime tracking
  • Built-in time clock
  • Calendar sync with iCal
  • Google Calendar & Outlook
  • Labor cost forecasting
  • Payroll reports & export options
  • Facility creation & assignment
  • Absence management

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