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BirdDogHR is a comprehensive set of tools and services designed to improve the talent management and compliance processes. The talent management software helps improve the quality and quantity of applicants and enhances employee engagement. The system is designed to encourage development of leaders within the organization and helps ensure OFCCP compliance.

The system helps organizations recruit the best talent, engage them right from the beginning and monitor goals and performance. The software works well for a variety of industries, including construction, federal contractors, financial services, manufacturing, technology, engineering, energy and supply chain management. The software includes recruiting and ATS, onboarding, performance, learning, collaboration and succession, while the services include Talent Assist, Competency Connect, Talent Scout, Brand Builder and Drug and Background Screening.

The integrated and cloud-based software allows organization to manage the entire employee lifecycle using a single solution that enables them to acquire and retain top talent. Recruitment and ATS module simplifies employment branding functions and makes it easier to distribute jobs, manage candidates and generate reports for efficient management and compliance. The onboarding tools help automate and organize and minimize the paperwork usually required to take new employees onboard. Performance and goal monitoring tools align both the management and employees with company goals, resulting in improved productivity and shared vision for success.

The software enhances employee engagement, boosts workforce productivity, helps standardize and centralize processes, meets compliance requirements and reduces organizational risk. The talent management software is designed from the ground up to make it easier for organizations to manage their HR processes by centralizing them. Separate modules for each stage of employee life cycle help ensure that all processes are managed efficiently. The learning module allows organizations to manage knowledge more efficiently and help create, capture, manage and share it to enhance productivity. Effective and efficient knowledge management results in better organizational performance and accelerates critical businesses processes. Collaboration features help document and share best organizational practices and streamline communication. The management can review the readiness and performance of employees using different methods such as comparative ratings, scorecards and talent matrices.

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  • Recruitment and ATS
  • Employment branding
  • Job distribution
  • Candidate management and reporting
  • Onboarding
  • Performance management
  • Knowledge management
  • Collaboration
  • Succession
  • Score cards
  • Comparative ratings
  • Talent matrices
  • Automation of manual onboarding process
  • Goal monitoring
  • Skill development
  • Gap identification
  • Centralization of processes
  • Mobile friendly
  • Configurable
  • Modular approach