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ActivTrak is an employee monitoring and productivity measurement platform that allows companies to gain insights on and improve employee productivity

ActivTrak works by installing an invisible agent onto a single or multiple workstations to measure activity. The agent is then able to collect all URLs, title bars, and screenshots, and allows administrators to shut down applications remotely, notifying them of any flagged usage. Screenshots allow administrators to see what the device’s user sees by capturing their entire screen. Screenshots can triggered by alarms, such as keywords within a URL, or scheduled by time intervals.

Pricing: Starting from: $9.00/month


  • Alerts / notifications
  • Security event log
  • Vulnerability protection
  • Employee monitoring
  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Productivity tracking & monitoring
  • Real-time data
  • Usage reports
  • Detect threats
  • Remote workstation screenshots
  • Activity-based alarms

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