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Developed and created for restaurants, bars, and similar establishments, 7Shifts offers managers and employees the ultimate scheduling app that does more than create effective schedules

7Shifts is a reputed scheduling software solution for restaurants, bars and similar hospitality venues, designed to improve employee attendance, evenly and effectively distribute workload among available workers, and significantly reduce labor costs. Managers love 7Shifts as it takes care of their scheduling processes with ease, giving them more time to focus on quality customer service.Used by thousands of business managers, 7Shifts has simplified the way they create schedules, communicate with their employees, bring down labor-related expenses, and almost eliminate the need for overtime. For employees, 7Shifts empowers them to perform productively as well as easily submit requests for trade shifts and time offs. The tool also lets them access their schedules easily via their mobile devices.

Pricing: Entree – $39.99/month, The Works – $69.99/month, Gourmet –$135.00/month


  • Scheduler
  • Instant notifications
  • Request Management
  • Set and view labor costs by department
  • Instant alerts around overtime
  • POS integrations
  • Unlimited text notifications
  • Multi-location support
  • Built-in manager log book

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