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1Password creates strong, unique passwords for all of your sites and logs you in with a single tap (or click).

1Password is a comprehensive password manager that provides both convenience and security to its users. With this password management solution, users can sign in to multiple accounts, sites, devices, and applications in just a single click. This feature makes it very convenient for those who have to juggle a number of software applications for work or use a plethora of devices for home or at work.

Pricing: Team – $3.99/month, Business – $7.99/month


  • Password Generator
  • Digital Wallet
  • Travel Mode
  • Personal Security Suite
  • 1Password Watchtower
  • Advanced Encryption
  • Store one-time passwords
  • View attachments
  • Stay organized with tags
  • Add custom fields
  • Add multiple URLs
  • Multiple vaults

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